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    Our tailored service to different clients is to save their shipping time and expenses; and to solve various problems during their logistics process.
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    Eurybia Logistics, Inc. specializes in optimizing the inter-national shipping process for our clients.
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    Trust Eurybia Logistics' superior warehousing and distribution services to suit your business shipping needs.

Why Choose Us?

Eurybia Logistics provides shippers with route planning with cost evaluation, booking, document preparation, cargo pick up and delivery, customs clearance, warehousing, and customer liaison service. We are an FMC licensed NVOCC with a team of 5-10 years hands-on experience.

Our Expertise

When you add our services to your supply chain, you’re doing more than using technology to address your challenges. Our customer-oriented logistics services involves examining processes, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and then using that knowledge to create opportunities and success.

Our goal: Delivery

Eurybia Logistics, Inc. is a leader in the transportation logistics industry. Our network of exclusive independent offices, along with our years of experience and excellence, ensure that your shipments arrive when and where you need them. We have one goal: to deliver.

Trust our Experience

Eurybia Logistics, Inc. has the experience, dedication and tenacity to ensure your shipping needs are met. Please contact us today to receive a free quote and customized logistics plan to best suit your business needs.

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